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The importance of the Lion as an animal and a hunting trophy deserves a special respect when being hunted; this is why we only hunt them on foot in the South African Kalahari as well as fully matured Lions, independently from the colour and volume of their manes; Lions which have been introduced in great farms following all the legal requirements and dates, and only and exclusively taking on fair chase hunts, following the Lion’s tracks on foot, hunts which never lack of a high level of sportsmanship and effort from the hunter, filled with emotions, risk and adrenaline


We have discarded all other artifitial farms where typical South African canned hunts are conducted. Our hunts will always be on foot following a fair chase in a sportman's manner and in accordance to the law; always managed and guided by Jose Maria which is definately another story


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As always I will personaly pick up my client in the airport, traveling together to the hunting concession, once there I will personally take care of the safari and hunt with him

Due to all previous mentioned Lion hunting with Tsessebe Safaris and Jose Maria Marzal Pacheco, is completely of guarantee, sportsmanship and quality, and any of the hunters that have had the opportunity to live through it and to enjoy it, they endorse it with their testimony


Occasionally and if it is booked with a year in advance we have also some licenses to hunt Lions and Lionesses proceeding from the Kruger National Park, in very big private areas ranging between 100,000 to 150,000 acres which completely opened for the Kruger Park

These hunts are also pure and exciting, but being a most limited offer is necessary to reserve them with a lot of time

In any of these hunts extending some days the same safari, it will be possible to combine Lion with Buffalo hunts on foot, Elephant, Crocodile, Hippopotamus, or the whole scale of antelopes, Warthogs, Bushpigs; and depending on the availability of CITES, Leopard  



Next we copy textually the history of a hunt written by one of our Argentinian clients, who had it published in the official magazine from SCI, Argentina; and where the hunter reports his experience




Last year I had the privilege of visiting the African continent in a plains game safari, and while been in Johannesburg I received a phone call letting me know of an available Elephant licence for the following year in Namibia, so with no doubt I told myself: this my chance, and so the dream of hunting one of the Big 5 begun.

As soon as I returned home from my plains game safari with ten species already hunted, I started making arrangements to return next year for the Elephant hunt

But as we all know flesh is weak, and I was tempted. To this unmatchable offer, I added the possibility of hunting a Buffalo and a Hippopotamus, for which I had to extend my stay to ten days, and for flight combination reasons, was extended to twelve

So this is how my African dream started to take shape, transforming each day into a reality.

When it all looked ready for the journey to begin, months before so, and falling again into cruel temptation, I decided to book with Tsessebe Safaris from our Spanish friend and well known African Professional Hunter and Outfitter, Jose Maria Marzal Pacheco, a Lion hunt in South Africa in a well known area by various parties of Argentinian Safari Club, where Jose Maria Marzal operates and hunts Lions on foot in the proper manner with his clients, so in the same trip, after the hunt in Namibia, I will continue to Lion hunt in South Africa

After hunting my Elephant and a magnificent 42’’ Buffalo but unlucky on the Hippopotamus, came the end the Namibian hunt and begun the search of the King of the jungle.

On arrival in South Africa with my friend Manuel Manin, an experienced hunter and shooter, Jose Maria Marzal Pacheco and his son Borja greeted us in Johannesburg, where we travelled from to North West. Arriving at night, we slept to try the rifles again on the following day, and so we started the Lion hunt on foot.

I used my beloved Express Ego 375 H&H calibre, which I deliberately purchased last year in Madrid for this trip, using Norma African PH Soft Point 350 grs. Bullets; Manuel wanted to hunt an Eland so he took with him his Sako Fimbear .375 H&H.

The hunt was to start going with the truck until you find fresh tracks of a Lion, and once there, we would get behind the trackers to follow the spur through the typical closed thorn bush and sandy soil . Actually I had some qualms about this hunt , as it was not in the open , ( free range) , but in a concession of 6,000 hectares , but really, the hunt was as or more exciting than the other , well above the expected and with long walks on the trail for more than six hours a day on average, in the sun, pretty hard . The first day , after spotting the Lion repeatedly , the King of the Jungle , elusive challenging , avoided us, despite being able to get to see him briefly on several occasions. But not promised easy thing. Since finishing the first day, I left the screening of Lion and on the way back to camp with José María , made an approximation Indian film type, to a nice Oryx that I wanted to hunt, and I could make a great shot at 150 meters, placing the right missile in the heart, a joy and a prize for the work day . Thus ended the first day with the Oryx hunted, although we could not reach the lion.

For three days we follow the Lion, and all those days we briefly saw him sometimes, but the ground was almost always quite closed, it was not at all easy. They were very hard and exhausting walks those days from having to be alert at all the times and stressed. Starting this at 06:00 AM, rested at 13:00 and we continued the job at 15:00, after a good meal and some well deserved rest, until 18:00, all the allowed time by the daylight.

It was very exciting to follow the fresh and recent Lion’s footsteps. Danger was in the air, the excitement, and I could feel we were doing something serious. We reached him at 80 or 90 meters, but always escaped. We had to bet on the fatigue of the animal, which have hunted all night and the heat of the day, decided to go to sleep under the shade of a bush, or to be irritated and opts for deal with his pursuers, as sometimes happens with these big unpredictable cats.

At the end of the second day of tracking and pursuit , the tracker inexplicably was passed the Lion, who was crouching under some thorny bushes being from us less than 20 meters in clear stalking position , being the good luck José María caught a glimpse fast and fortunately did not attack us, but I could not shoot him, as we approached a bit to try to see it better , but when I wanted to aim for the shot the Lion was threatening showing all his teeth, almost about to charge, but it quickly turned around and ran away again like a shadow… A pretty intense moment and unforgettable for a hunter . Thus finally the third day of hunting in the afternoon during the heat of the day and after all the stressful days, the Lion honouring the impressive animal it was, got tired of running away and stopped to wait for us. We found the Lion lying under some bushes. We started approaching it trying to avoid either another run away or an aggressive charge. We approached the Lion frontally up about 25 meters and it began to roar showing his teeth and shaking his tail clear sign that he was angry and was about to attack.

Jose Maria advised me not to go further and told me that if I could see well his vital points despite being laying down, not be the most suitable position, I aim calmly and ensuring a good shot, we stop at about 20 meters. I pointed at his shoulder, but I did not realize that by being down, his skeleton was inconvenient. Fired and to my pleasant surprise, the lion was struck down. The bullet had hit the spine, instantly immobilizing. We approached it prepared, with the caution that the King of the Jungle deserves. And unexpectedly, began to roar again with an attempt to get up, which forced me to shoot again, giving me another intense moment in the hunt. I had my lion. I was a happy man and complete as a hunter. At that moment tears invaded me. I realized that the Lion was not given before me, but I was given before the Lion.

A fully adult animal, awesome, very good mane, majestic as only he can be. It had sold the skin on it’s face expensive; had made us work a great time, but that just filled me with satisfaction and unforgettable memories. My hunt was over, but in my mind there are memories which will live with me to my last days. Nothing could do better. That night we ordered Lion meat for dinner with Manuel and finish the circle of hunting. I had a joy that cannot be described, also our good friend Manuel got his Eland, an exceptional trophy several inches over the required score for R. Ward, but turn a sadness mingled in my feelings knowing that my 23 days safari had come to an end. I had to leave that continent that caught me forever.

Before leaving, I looked at It’s hills for the last time to say goodbye, and I clearly said to this continent “see you soon”, hoping to come back for more adventure and to breath it’s unmistakable air. So my voyeur in the continent where the sun shines stronger than anywhere else and where the stars are nearer came to an end, and I returned to Argentina happy to have successfully gotten three of the Big 5.

As a corollary, the attention of José María Marzal Pacheco with his son Borja was moreover superlative, made us feel at home, with unique professionalism, and a mastery of the situation at all admirable moments. Tsessebe Safaris, made the top hunting in their Spanish occupation in Africa, recommending it fully..

I think that nothing has ended, It all begins!!!

Diego Leonardo Lindow

Santiago del Estero    Argentina.