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We lead hunting paths towards the enjoyment of such a passion, guided by sportsmanship, respecting the animals and the hunter friend we are guiding




 Dear friends;


 This hunting season I have managed to increase and improve the quality and quantity of areas and destinations even more so, for us to carry on enjoying authentic hunting together and learning everything that nature teaches us every day with the fantastic experiences it gifts us with.


 All these achievements and progress are thanks to your support and trust, which serve to boost our desire to improve and always tireless work aimed at achieving the goal, which is to bring you the most suitable hunting areas of outmost quality, that , thanks to the cooperation agreements we have reached with a careful selection of Outfitters and other owners, to definitely serve you the great opportunity to live in every minute and every day of your safari, fantastic sensations that reports the correct and genuine hunting


We will carry on seeking and obtaining the best Elephants, Buffaloes, Crocodiles, Sables, the highest quality trophies and also the most beautiful family, honeymoon and antilope safaris that could too be realised with fantastic touristic combinations


 From Tsessebe Safaris we transmit you our sincere and affectionate gratitude for choosing us each season amongs many

 We continue working firmly for you


Jose Maria Marzal Pacheco

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Dangerous hunting contains an incentive and a special attraction; but it must be carried out reasonably and responsibility



South Africa dangerous hunting: We will keep on hunting Lions and Buffaloes following the trail on foot in South Africa in big areas, with excellent accommodations and the possibility of complementing these safaris with the hunt of any of five big ones, in addition to Crocodile and Hippopotamus; or also with some days of plains game hunting (from Sables and Roan to Impala), some Warthogs, etc. South Africa is a hunter's paradise, and definitively it is the cheapest, safe and comfortable destination attending to the best places; without contempt of realizing also pure and sports hunting, whenever it is hired by honest Outfitters and Professional Hunters of proven level


South Africa – Antilopes: Plain game hunts, first safari, honeymoon safaris and or combined with tourism are some of the big options that we offer in South Africa. The most comfortable lodges, high level of services, many available species, nice hunting and high quality level of trophies


South Africa - other 'Rare' Species: In South Africa also we have a spectacular concession of 37.000 acres, specifically to hunt "rare" species, taking hunting collectors into consideration. This is a marvellous destination for those who want to complete their trophy rooms.


Zimbabwe-Dangerous hunting: Zimbabwe is undoubtedly the number one option for all the species of dangerous hunting in relation to price - quality, much especially for big Elephants and Buffaloes

Unfortunately the most common offers in Zimbabwe are full of deceitful publicity, bad quality, small hunts in these concessions and quite made up by low prices and many false promises. This is not our way of working not even our target. We will take you to the leading concessions and areas whom with we have hunting agreements and where there will not be problems later to extract the trophies of the country, where we will find the best thing in plenty of dangerous hunting, quality of trophies and of camps



Bow hunting: We have our farm, Tsessebe especially dedicated and conditioned to the practice bow hunting; but our special challenge is always to hunt by means of walk and stalk. In turn we have several specific concessionns to hunt with bow from Lion, Buffalo to all kinds of antelopes, Warthogs, etc.



Consult with me without commitment, I will inform and recommend you the option most suitable to achieve your hunting target in which I will hunt with you




Thank you very much


Jose Maria 

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