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Our area and Tsessebe farm are in an area totally free of malaria; no other special vaccination is needed.

For the Kruger and Zimbabwe in the Africa summer we recommend to take antimalarial medication.


The clima is quite stable; spring/summer begins in September, when the first rains may arrive, which normally come as storms, leaving behind the sun shining and nice temperatures.

In summer the temperatures are in between 17 and 33 degrees, until April and May, when it starts to cool down, specially at night.

In winter, from May to September, there isn’t any rain normally, with temperatures of 22 during the day, and around 5 at night.

Any season is good for hunting, as we only hunt quality mature trophy animals; the diference is that in summer we need to respect the hottest hours by midday to rest and the vegetation is very dense, which gives us less visivility. And in winter the day is used better, with a dry vegetation and without leaves, making it easier for us to see, but is noisier when we walk and stalk.

Refering to the beauty of the views, each season has it’s charm, being both very different; but possibly the exuberant summer is more beautiful and impresive with amazing skies and sunsets.




Attain complete personal insurance before safari

No vaccination antimalarial medication except for the Kruger area in South Africa from October to April

For other countries refer to their respective sections of this website

Sunscreen creams

Shoes and comfortable clothing, preferably not light colors

Winter jacket and sweatshirt

Sweatshirt summer dawns

Swimwear for pool

Photo and video cameras

Sunglasses ( we’ll give you a pretty and practical hunting cap)

Do not bring too much luggage, there is daily laundry service


Transport scopes in hand luggage (to save them from the blows that weapon’s briefcases receive at airports)




Come rexaled,

And enjoy the most of Africa and hunting


 See you soon

Jose Maria Marzal Pacheco