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At Tsessebe International Safaris, we strive in every aspect to offer customers only the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction at all times. So we you’re your trophies and work to the best and most valued taxidermist in South Africa


We can provide you with two options here for your trophies.​


You can either give your trophies to your own taxidermist in your own country for preparation or​


The second option is to complete taxidermy in South Africa, with the benefits of a lower price and higher quality product at the end​


If clients wish to take trophies in their luggage like a warthog or bushpig’s tusks , you will be able to pack them completely having been cleaned, and only paying on the farm 30 euros / $ 40 per set of tusks, which saves some money on taxidermy, legal permits and transport, which is normally over 75 euros / $ 100 for these animals.​



We will be watching over the process whilst your trophies are prepared and until you receive them at home

The process is as follows:

On the farm we make the skinning, cleaning and salting; identifying them with tags (service included in total price of the safari).

At the end of the safari we take them to the local taxidermist with all legal permits, CITES, etc. needed (included in total price of the safari)





The South African Local taxidermy, Bull's Eye (the best in the country at present) will contact you via email within 5 days, by sending an invoice (according to the work ordered) and the customer will pay by direct bank transfer to taxidermist 50% of the invoice. ( Once received the taxidermist will start work as per your requirements)


When the taxidermist finishes the trophies he notifies the customer, who will pay the remaining 50% of payment (once received by the taxidermist, he sends trophies, packed and ready for the trip to the customs agent in Johannesburg)



The customs agent in Johannesburg, takes care of the legal permits needed by South African authority to export (this process can take between 1 and 2 months due to the work load of export officials ) The customs agent will also contact the local clearing agent in the country of the hunter, and once the legal and necessary export permits are obtained, will arrange transportation via air and will contact the client by sending an invoice for the full amount for their customs services and the transportation bill. On receiving the customer's full payment, the customs agent sends the trophies to the hunter's country) 


  The customs agent from your country will contact you a few days before receiving the trophies and will ask if they should be sent to your home or if you would prefer to collect them yourself, and in turn communicates the amount to be paid for his work (transaction of legal documents, import and customs clearance, the customer pays to him directly)


We have chosen from Tsessebe Safari the best taxidermy in South Africa, which we are lucky to have located 15 minutes from our farm, which allows us to continuously monitor the trophies of our clients



You see prices of taxidermy in your details below website



Contacts and recommended web of taxidermy


South Africa

Bull' s Eye Taxidermy.
(Melkrivier Road). South Africa.
Telef. 0027 14 755 36 00
Web: www.bullseyetaxidermy.co.za