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HUNTING IN AFRICA Hunting with Jose Maria Marzal Pacheco and Tsessebe Safaris is to take advantage of their solid experience in both Big Five and plains game hunting to savour all the best ingredients a hunter can expect, imagine and crave from hunting in Africa within an exquisite organisation and service.

DANGEROUS HUNTING To feel the sensations and the freedom that hunting in Africa provides and the instinct for self-improvement that comes with dangerous game hunting is something that every hunter should experience at least once in his life.

Hunting for conservation: God created nature by placing it in our hands for us to use and enjoy, conserve and respect it wisely. Hunting well managed is essential for the conservation and balance of nature, we have the responsibility to make governments and institutions as well as citizens see and understand this all over the world.

Tsessebe Safaris Logo
Craig Boddington endorsed logo